How to join Skype Meeting with Skype For Business (Full Configuration Guide)

Simplerefs -How to join Skype Meeting with Skype For Business (Full Configuration Guide). Skype is a communication program with P2P technology (peer to peer). This program is a free program (can be downloaded for free) and was created with the aim of providing high-quality low-cost voice-based voice communication tools for the internet in all parts of the world. As for online meeting activities, you can use Skype for Business, which is the paid version of Skype.
Skype for Business Web Scheduler is a web-based program that you can use to create Skype Meetings if you don’t have Outlook, or don’t have a browser that supports Outlook Web App. With Skype for Business Web Scheduler, you can create new meetings, change existing meetings, and send invitations with your favorite email program.

Advanced features on Skype for Business

Skype for Business you can now enjoy as one of the features of Microsoft Office 365. Now Skype has been equipped with many supporting features, where you can enjoy business activities comfortably and easily by trying some of the following advantages:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Video calls of more than one person
  • Voice call There are comments fields,
  • and so on.

Benefits of Skype for Business Purposes

There are so many benefits that you will get if you use Skype for Business on Microsoft Office 365, including the following:

More efficient

In addition to saving money on using the internet network and without credit, you can also be more time efficient. You can do two important jobs at once, for example doing important meetings when you are out of town.

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Better Communication

In business matters, of course, relationships with business partners with other companies are very important. Skype for Business can be used to strengthen friendship and communication with your business partners.

Monitor Company

Without having to come in person and leave other matters that are more important, you can easily monitor the course of your business elsewhere. By using calls on Skype, not only voice but you can also see developments directly through video calls.

Very compatible

No need to use computer or laptop media but Skype for Business can be used in various gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets. This of course is very easy when you have to attend an unexpected meeting anytime and anywhere.

Connect with Office

Skype for Business in Office 365 of course Office certainly makes business activities easier. You can use Office applications while communicating via Skype, for example opening word documents, showing graphics in Excel, Power Point, and so on.

With all the conveniences found in Skype for Business, it is certain that your business work will become lighter. Without having to waste valuable time, you can do multiple activities at once.

You can get Skype for Business in a special offer of Microsoft Office 365 at an affordable price

Online Meeting Configuration Guide Using Skype for Business

Steps 1

  • Go to the Office 365 Web Scheduler address at and try signing in with your work or school account.
  • Enter the meeting details
  1. Enter an Event title for your meeting.
  2. You can leave the meeting location as Skype Call, or add a location, such as a conference room, if you have in-person attendees as well.
  3. Enter meeting details in the Message box, and set the start and end date and time.
  4. Under Attendees and Audio, add the attendees’ names or email addresses, separated by semicolons (;).
  5. (Optional) Select Check Names to verify the addresses of the participants who are in your organization.
  6. Under Who will bypass the lobby? and Who is a presenter?, do one of the following:
    • Accept the standard settings, which are best for small working meetings with people inside your organization. OR
    • Choose other lobby or presenter options depending on the type of meeting you want to schedule.
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7. Check the box next to People dialing in by phone will bypass the lobby if you want your dial-in callers to go straight to the meeting. and Select Save.

Send the meeting information to participants

To send the meeting request, you can copy the meeting details and paste them into an email program, or save the details in iCalendar format send it as an attachment.

Copy the meeting request and paste it into an email

  1. When you’ve finished creating the meeting, select Save. You’ll see a confirmation page that lists your meeting details. Click the X to close the confirmation page.
  2. On your My Meetings page, highlight the meeting information, right-click, and then choose Copy. Highlight and copy meeting information
  3. Open your email program and create a regular meeting request.
  4. Paste the meeting information into the request.
  5. Add the participants’ email addresses to the message, add the meeting date and time, enter a meeting agenda, and then send the request.

Send your meeting request as an iCalendar file

The iCalendar file format lets users of different email systems exchange calendar information. To send your meeting request as an iCalendar:

  1. In the My Meetings section, select the meeting by its subject, and then select Info. Meeting details with Info button highlighted
  2. At the bottom of the meeting invitation window, select Export as iCalendar. Export as iCalendar button
  3. When prompted by your web browser to either open or save the iCalendar file, select Save.
  4. Create an email message and add the iCalendar file you just created as an attachment. Tip: Learn how to insert an attachment in Outlook or Outlook Web App.
  5. Enter the meeting participants, meeting title, and a message as appropriate, and then send the email.
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When participants open the iCalendar file, the meeting is automatically added to their default mail or calendaring program.

Join a Skype Meeting

To join a meeting you created with Skype for Business Web Scheduler, do one of the following:

  • Open the email meeting request and select the meeting link. OR
  • Open Skype for Business Web Scheduler, select the meeting you want from the list on the left, and then select Join in the meeting summary pane. Meeting information with Join button highlighted

Learn more:

View, edit, or delete an existing meeting

To view a meeting’s details, open Skype for Business Web Scheduler and select the meeting title on the left. Skype for Business Web Scheduler lists only the meetings you’ve scheduled, not all the meetings on your calendar.

To edit or delete a meeting:

  1. Select Edit or Delete in the meeting summary panel. Meeting details with Edit button highlighted
  2. After you’ve made your changes, send the participants either the updated meeting information or a notice of the meeting cancellation.

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