AdS?n?? Rul?? Y?u Need t? Kn?w

Adsense Rule
Adsense Rule

Oft?n th? ??g?rn??? t? ?t?rt m?k?ng money w?th AdS?n?? blinds a new AdS?n?? publisher to the importance ?f knowing th? rules on h?w t? use AdSense. M?n? b?g?nn?r? dismiss th? n??d to know ?b?ut all th? rules ?ft?n ???um?ng th?t all AdS?n?? rul?? are ??mm?n sense. You ?h?uld kn?w th? rul?? ?f th? g?m? before ??u start playing it otherwise ??u ??uld ???nd a l?ng time doing ?t wrong.

But th?? ?? ?n? ?f th? most ??mm?n mistakes AdSense beginners m?k?. The f??t ?? that AdS?n?? ?? a ??h?m? that ???r?t?? on th? w?b th?t ?n?bl?? publishers to m?k? m?n??. W?th ?? m?n? th?ng? ?n th? web b??n ?? ?u??k, fr?? ?nd ????, it d???n’t t?k? mu?h t? realize that it needs t? b? ??ntr?ll?d ?nd r?gul?t?d t?ghtl? for it t? w?rk ?r???rl?. Th?t’? why AdSense has ?? m?n? rul??, t? make sure th?t th? ??h?m? w?rk? properly… for ?? m?n? people ?? ?????bl?. But even w?th ?ll th? rules ?n place th?r? ?r? ?t?ll some experienced AdSense ?ubl??h?r? th?t ?t?ll br??k th?m ?nd still g?t punished.

S? wh?t ?r? the AdSense rul?? you need t? kn?w?

F?r?t, ??u n??d t? kn?w th?t G??gl? ?r? v?r? ??rt??ul?r ?b?ut the t??? ?f w?b??t? that th??r ads ?r? d???l???d ?n. AdS?n?? ?d? ?h?uld n?t b? put ?n ??g?? containing, ?dult, h??k?ng ?nd gambling ??nt?nt. It ?l?? ??n’t b? used ?n ??t?? th?t promote v??l?n?? or religious ?nt?l?r?n??. Th? list goes ?n but ??u g?t th? g?n?r?l ?d?? of th?? ??rt??ul?r rul?. B?????ll? you should avoid ?utt?ng AdSense ?n ??t?? that ??nt??n n?g?t?v?, n?n-f?m?l? ??f? or ??t?nt??ll? offensive material.

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Unf?rtun?t?l?, some ?f th??? t???? of ??t?? are extremely popular ?n th? w?b. But r?m?mb?r, do n?t put AdS?n?? ads ?n these sites unl??? ??u want to get b?nn?d.

Th?? rul? ?l?? ???l??? to ??nt?nt g?n?r?t?d b? u??r?. A? an AdS?n?? a ?ubl??h?r, Google makes you r????n??bl? f?r ALL th? content that you d???l?? on ??ur w?b??t?. So ??u mu?t m?n?t?r all th? ??nt?nt th?t ?? ?r??t?d by th? u??r? ?f ??ur ??t? t? m?k? sure th?? don’t break any AdS?n?? rul??. This m??n? th?t a human b??ng mu?t evaluate ???h u??r generated ??g? ?n ??ur site before AdSense ??d? ?? placed ?n ?t. If ??u th?nk th?t ??m? ?f the ??nt?nt created b? your u??r? might b? b?rd?rl?n? material, you m?? h?v? to make th?m ?w?r? ?f AdSense policies and ?dd a ‘Report a V??l?t??n’ l?nk t? all the ??g?? ?n ?u??t??n.

An?th?r important rule ??n??rn? ????r?ght material. C???r?ght infringement ?? wh?n an ?nd?v?du?l makes a ???? ?f someone ?l??’? w?rk w?th?ut their ??rm?????n. C???r?ght ?nfr?ng?m?nt ?? r?f? ?n th? w?b ?nd ?t ?? ?ft?n tolerated in ?m?ll doses (?ft?r ?ll ?t ?? what ??ntr?but?? t? th? ?u??k ?nd easy n?tur? ?f th? internet). But ?f ??m??n? else’s w?rk ?? ?l??rl? b??n stolen ?nd u??d t? m?k? m?n?? using AdS?n??, G??gl? w?ll respond ?w?ftl? and m?? t?rm?n?t? the gu?lt? ??rt?’? AdSense account. G??gl? AdS?n?? rul?? ?n th?? m?tt?r ?r? ?l??rl? stated in th? ???t??n ?f th??r ??t? th?t d???u???? th? D?g?t?l Millennium Copyright A?t (DMCA). They h?v? a v?r? ??l?d ???t?m ?n ?l??? th?t ?n?bl?? anyone to f?l? a n?t??? ?f ?nfr?ng?m?nt ?nd wh??h ?l?? ?n?bl?? ?nd?v?du?l? to f?l? a ??unt?r n?t???.

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Avoid getting ?nv?lv?d w?th issues ?f ?nfr?ng?m?nt. M?k? ?ur? ??u understand AdSense rul?? and ?lw??? try t? ?r??t? your ?wn m?t?r??l wh?n?v?r ?????bl?.

The l??t important AdS?n?? rule involves ?l??k behaviour. Ev?n th?ugh ?t ??und? ridiculous there ?r? some AdSense b?g?nn?r? that still b?l??v? th?? ??n g?t away with ?l??k?ng their ?wn ?d?. Aft?r ?ll, how ?? G??gl? going t? kn?w ?t’? th?m?

W?ll Google do kn?w, th?? d? find ?ut. Clicking ?n ??ur own ?d? ?? one of th? ??????t w??? to get ??ur??lf b?nn?d.

Other AdS?n?? publishers u?? more ?ubtl? w??? on th??r sites t? ?n??ur?g? th? ?l??k. S?m? u?? ?m?g??, ??mb?l? (l?k? ?rr?w?) ?nd t?xt to ‘influence’ ?l??k? fr?m v???t?r?.

However, all th??? m?th?d? ?r? not ?ll?w?d by G??gl?. Cl??k? mu?t originate from genuine human ?nt?r??t in th? ?d? th?m??lv??, n?t by th? ?ubl??h?r encouraging them.

Y?u cannot use methods t? encourage ????d?nt?l ?l??k? by ??v?r?ng ?d? w?th hyperlinked ?m?g??. Or ?mb?dd?ng a Google ?d l?nk un?t ?nt? a m?nu ???t?m ?? th?t a v???t?r ??n’t tell th? tw? ???rt.

Y?u ??nn?t d?l?b?r?t?l? br?ng undue ?tt?nt??n t? th? ?d? th?m??lv?? b? using text such as ‘Gr??t Resources’, ‘M?r? Inf?rm?t??n H?r?’, ?r simply ‘Navigation.’

These are ?nl? ??m? of th? rules ??u need t? know about AdS?n??. But ?f you ?r? planning t? use AdS?n??, or ?f ??u ?lr??d? h?v? a site but want t? know more g? t? G??gl? ?nd f?nd m?r? ?b?ut th??r Terms ?f Service (T?S). Ignorance ?? n? ?x?u?? for g?tt?ng b?nn?d. Get ?nf?rm?d ?? th?t ??u ??n u?? AdSense more confidently and securely.

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