5 Twists for Steak Tacos Recipe

Instead of cooking the same things from time to time, you should try different twists on your steak tacos recipe. Basically, this recipe already represents Mexican and Western style on a dish. Different twists will bring back other taste and make the dish even richer. Here are the interesting ones you should try.

Skirt Steak

Skirt makes an agreeable choice. You can remove the extra fat so easily, and you don’t need a lot of seasoning to make it tastes wonderful. Just add salt and pepper when you cook it both sides on high heat, and let it cook with medium heat. Add some fresh tomatoes, maybe Mexican cheese, lettuces, and slices of avocado.

Chilli and Cinnamon Rubbed Steak

This is another alternative. Basically, you only need to rub the steak with chilli, cinnamon, salt, garlic, and cayenne pepper for exotic touch. We need both sides to get rubbed. The cooking should be done during 5-6 minutes until the meat is medium rare cooked. Salsa with avocado and lime juice dressing makes the best partner.

Chilli Grilled Flank

This twist also makes the best alternative for your steak tacos recipe. To enhance and encourage the natural taste, we only need to use some seasonings like hot chipotle chilli powder, and black paper. Medium rare cook is enough to bring out all the taste. In alternative to hot chipotle, we can also try the ancho chille.

Flat Iron Meat

Instead of any other steak meat alternatives, you may want to add flat iron meat. You need the usual seasonings like salt, pepper, and cumin. To keep the taco in balance, you should also use light slaw like cabbage and garlic with lime juice dressing. These two make the best couple to add in your taco with steak meat.

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Chilantro Salsa

You can use any meat you want as the steak, but you should really try to add chilantro salsa, and this time is chilantro raddish. This salsa makes perfect combination on the steak taco with a slight of Mexican taste on it, bringing out the original taste of taco.         

Few of the twists can be strange or too different for you but it is worth it. Each of them brings out different taste and each of them makes the dish a whole different kind. You should try it and see if you find a new favourite twist on your steak tacos recipe.

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