5 Twist For Best Vegetarian Taco Recipe

5 Twist For Best Vegetarian Taco Recipe

5 Twist For Best Vegetarian Taco Recipe

You only need the same creativity when you want to make healthy menu. For example, you only need to look around and be creative in ingredients while cooking a vegetarian taco recipe. You have many delicious alternatives to replace meat and eggs. Here are the possible ingredients you can have for replacement.

Avocado with Beer

Instead of using the same filling, you can try to use avocado. In order to make it even more interesting and tastier, of course, you can do a little something with the avocado. You should try batter the avocado with your favourite beer. Japanese beer can be an excellent alternative. To complete this, you can add fresh corn.

Mashed Potatoes

This has been a great food for us for a long time. This will make a nice dish to put in your taco as well. Just be brave on seasoning this time and put some exotic choices as well. If you want to, you can add guacamole in it. This will be so stuffy yet tasty even for meat lovers.

Corn and Black Bean

These two have been popular food for vegetarian. They make excellent addition to your vegetarian taco recipe. Adding peppers like poblano in the mix as well as sour cream will give it spicy and creamy taste. It is pretty smoky and nice. It gives you enough energy as well without feeling too stuffed in the end.


This is a nice food you can add to almost all menu. On your vegetarian taco, it will give you the savoury and tempting taste. You donít have to do a lot of things to it. You can sautť the mushroom with a pinch of salt and pepper until it gets moist. Moist mushroom is what you want for taco.

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Portobello is not only a good food with a lot good things inside it. It is also stuffy and tasty. It makes a perfect addition to your taco. If you want something unique, you can try to cook it as bulgogi, a popular Korean dish. Many people already try this one, and they like the Asian fusion taste in it.  

Now, you can try those suggestions and taste a different kind of vegetarian taco recipe. Many people, even those who are definitely not vegetarian, like those. You can also add and try other ingredients you like such as local herbs or fruits, and fake meat. Donít limit your choice.

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