5 Possible Tasty Twists on Taco Rice Recipe

What can be better than a new twist on your taco rice recipe? There are several ingredients we can add on it and they bring out new flavour, totally a new dish. We may need to be picky because the rice already tastes rich. However, these ingredients will make a pleasant surprise to your tongue.

Dried Oregano

This is a usual seasoning for many menus like pasta sauce and pizza. Dried oregano is easy to get in any nearby groceries store. These leaves have unique taste that canít be replaced by any other things or herbs. Just put some while you are cooking the rice and you will taste the slight difference on it.

Black Olives

Black olives are used widely on many different menus. On pasta, and Mexican food, olive is popular. The same black olive can enrich the taste of the rice. However, this time, you need to dry it first before you finally shop them down. Add your black olives in the rice while you are cooking it. It will give you a surprise.


This is an interesting addition to make the taco even more tempting. Sake is traditional booze from Japan. It is known for special seasoning on some menus including rice. If you want to taste different result of your taco rice recipe, you need to add some sake in it. One tablespoon is commonly enough to make it different.

Sour Cream

Many people recommend this ingredient on top of your taco dressing. This is best when you have your taco with rice. Besides sour cream, it will be tasty to complete it light vegetables mix or light salsa. This combination makes the best comfort food ingredient in which you donít have to be worry about everything. It is modern taste combine with Japan local cuisine touch.

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Soy Sauce

This can be very debatable for some people. We want to eat some Mexican. Soy sauce is a popular seasoning on rice and it is worth for you to try it. Just add a tablespoon of it while you are cooking your rice or your meat. This will give an Asian touch on an exotic delicacy.   

Choosing the right ingredient in a taco rice recipe can be tricky. We donít want too much change on the rich taste, but we do want a slight change for surprise. These ingredients are proven to be fantastic. You should really to add them on your taco.  

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