5 Ingredients For Turkey Taco Recipe

5 Ingredients For Turkey Taco Recipe

Turkey taco recipe is pretty simple and easy to make. Each person may have different twist on it. However, all of them share the same ingredients as base. If you plan to make one, you should not forget to put these things on it.

Ground Turkey

You should use only ground turkey for the taco. It is in the best form and taste for it. To make sure that you get the rich flavour, you should consider using both dark and light meat. It is easy to get on nearby groceries. Just simply add salt and pepper to enhance the taste. Cook them well before you add it on taco.

Sour Cream

This is to avoid the taco of being too dry. Sour cream is a popular edition to taco for years. Commonly, it is added on top of the salsa. You can do the same thing when you go with turkey. It will make creamy texture for the salsa. The taco will taste nicer than ever.

Olive Oil

You will need oil olive for cooking the meat. Instead of other cooking oil, this one serves the best function. It cooks the meat entirely well if you use the right heat. People add olive oil on turkey taco recipe to keep the meat fresh and healthy. You don’t need a lot. A tablespoon will suffice it well.

Kosher Salt

You can basically use any other kind of salt but this one makes the best for your turkey. It adds the savoury flavour without ruining it. Among other choices, you will like it even better when it is freshly ground before added to the meat. You will need only a pinch of it.

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Pepper and Cumin

Pepper is common and you can’t work the meat best without pepper on it. Cumin is also most popular seasoning on taco. A bit of cumin will enhance the flavour and bring out how we always expect the taco tastes. Use fresh ones. For pepper for example, you should use one that is freshly ground. It serves the best.

The other ingredients can be different for each person and this is fine, as long as you can put the main ingredients properly. Turkey taco recipe has been known as a recipe of one of the best comfort food and these ingredients define how it is. Don’t leave any of it and learn how to put it in correctly.

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