3 Easy Delicious Walking Taco Recipes

3 Easy Delicious Walking Taco Recipes

The walking taco recipes have probably been favorite of yours, the Mexican food lovers, and also the lovers of all events that include friends and families. Seeing about the simplicity, this walking taco can be your best friend. The making of it is also amazingly simple.

Instead of saying that Taco is just for those who eat healthy, let’s just say that Taco is for all. Walking taco is one of a kind to try. However, a taco can always be made healthily. And speaking of walking taco recipe, what has crossed your mind? You have probably guessed it right. Yep, when you have a party, a football game, a picnic, a taco can also be your walking best friend. The recipes are amazing and easy too to make. It is then clear that not all simplicity have simple taste. The taste can be as authentic as ever. Are you curious? Follow these recipes and have your own Taco party with friends and families!

Walking Taco with Chili Topping

Well, everyone does know that when a taco is mentioned, the shells and chili of jalapeno are never out of context. If you want to make one, then have some cheddar cheese, taco shells, and chili powder the regular one or the jalapeno once (just bear in mind that jalapeno is still the hottest chili in the world), have them in a paper bag and bring them around. A healthy snack is in your hand (since the shells are made of corn and salsa is there).

Walking Taco with Black Beans

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Beans are amazing to have in Taco. Instead of having unclear snack when you watch football game or such, this can be one good alternative. The ingredients include black beans, salt, cheddar cheese, and fresh green lettuce. Mix them all together in a bowl and prepare some corn or tortilla chips. Put them in a paper bag. Oh, and the salsa is on the top for this walking taco recipe!

Walking Taco with Ground Beef

Yet, who says that you can only have light snack when it comes to a term of snack? Ground beef, if you cook it properly, can be one good alternative to walking taco recipe, too. The ingredients you will need are jalapeno chili, red wine vinegar, lettuce, ground beef (oven in 250 degrees temperature), and salsa. Put them in a paper bag and sprinkle the salsa on top. The freshness of vegetables and the tasty ground beef will make your event become more amazing to have. Indeed, the calories and the vitamins will all be mixed and mingled. You have everything in one paper bag and it is in this recipe.

The three walking taco recipe above have been proven to bring joy and happiness in your small event with families and friends!

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