10 Ways to Better AdS?n?? E?rn?ng?


Y?u ??n m?k? l?t? of m?n?? m?n?t?z?ng your blog w?th AdSense if you h?v? ?u?l?t? ??nt?nt, th? right k??w?rd?, ?nd th? r?ght AdSense ?d l???ut. M?n? ????l? ??m?l??n th?? ??n’t m?k? m?n?? with AdS?n?? ?r th?t ?t ?h????n? th??r ??t?. I w?ll ?h?w it how it will n?t only increase th? v?lu? ?f ??ur ??t?, but how it will ?t?rt building ??u monthly ?n??m?!

I monetize m? web sites and blogs ?n m?n? d?ff?r?nt w???. I ??? m?n? web ??t?? missing ?ut wh?n it comes t? n?n-?nv???v? w??? t? m?n?t?z? ??ur web ??t? ?r bl?g, ?nd th?? d?n’t have to be w??? ?n wh??h you ?ng?r ??ur v???t?r?. In fact – good m?n?t?z?t??n w?ll always compliment ??ur web ??t?, n?t “?h????n” ?t. I h?v? ?l?? read m?n? ?rt??l?? th?t d?b?t? wh?n to m?n?t?z?, ?nd th?r? ?r? ?t?ll some h?ld-?ut? that ??? build up tr?ff?? ?n a site first ?nd th?n m?n?t?z? ?n?? ?t gets to a certain l?v?l. I’m ??rr? – th?t’? just BS ?n m? b??k, and I h?v? th? experience t? back it u?. Monetize ??ur w?b ??t? from d?? 1 – PERIOD!

Wh?? Every ???t ?nd ??g? ?? ?n ????rtun?t? t? m?k? m?n??. M?k?ng m?n?? w?th a w?b site ?? l?k? planting a garden. Wh? w?uld ??u want t? k??? ?l?w?ng th? field f?r 6 months ?nd ?nd k??? w??t?ng to plant th? ???d?? Al?? m?n?t?z?t??n ?? marketing, ?nd m?rk?t?ng takes t?m? and skill. Yes – ?k?ll. Th? m?r? ??u d? ?t the b?tt?r ??u b???m?, ?? d? it from d?? #1.

M?k?ng m?n?? ?nl?n? is l?k? a ???rt ?r a ?r?f?????n?l tr?d?.

Ingredients ??u WILL NEED to b???m? SUCCESSFUL:

T?d?? w?’r? going to t?lk ?b?ut monetizing ??ur w?b ??t? w?th G??gl? AdS?n??. If ??u’r? ?lr??d? u??ng Google AdS?n?? – read this ?rt??l? ?n?w?? and l??rn h?w t? m?k? more money u??ng AdS?n??. Click th? b?nn?r above to j??n AdS?n?? ?f you h?v?n’t ?lr??d?. B? ??gn?ng u? w?th AdS?n?? ??u ??n bu?ld code ?n????t? ?nd ?l??? ?d? on your w?b ??t?.

AdS?n?? M?th?:

You would b? ?ur?r???d h?w mu?h more m?n?? you could b? m?k?ng w?th some v?r? b???? and ??m?l? changes to ??ur w?b ??t?. Th?nk about h?w much ??u ??uld b? m?k?ng ??r d??. Ju?t $1 per day ?? $30 ??r m?nth, which should m?r? th?n ??? f?r m??t b???? h??t?ng ?l?n? (?nd th?n ??m?). Onl? $5 ??r d?? ?nd you’re m?k?ng $150 per m?nth, $10 ??r d?? ?? $300/m?. It ?dd? u? quicker than ??u think. Especially ?f you h?v? more th?n ?n? bl?g ?r w?b ??t? t? m?n?t?z?.

AdS?n?? Facts:

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Th? first th?ng ??u n??d to understand ?? where th? ?d? come fr?m. AdSense ?? fed b? Google’s ?th?r ?r?du?t AdW?rd?. If you h?v?n’t u??d AdWords b?f?r? – it’s wh?r? ??u can ??? t? dr?v? tr?ff?? t? ??ur w?b site – ??u “??? ??r ?l??k”. In the AdW?rd? marketplace – people “b?d over k??w?rd?”. Th? more ??m??t?t??n there ?? f?r a keyword, the m?r? it ???t? and th? h?gh??t b?dd?r wins the t?? slot, th? next bidder the next slot, ?nd ?? ?n. F?r example ?t m?? ???t 50 ??nt? ??r ?l??k t? g?t the k??w?rd “d???gn?r h?ndb?g”, but I b?t you ??n g?t “?l?? fl?w?r??t” f?r under a nickel. It’? ?ll ?b?ut ?u??l? and d?m?nd. The m??t ???r?h?d f?r t?rm? ?r? fought ?v?r pretty f??r??l?. On?? keywords ?r? ?ur?h???d, the AdS?n?? algorithm ?l???? th? ??tu?l ?d? ?n w?b ??t?? – matching th?m up w?th keywords and content ?n web ??g??. The ?lg?r?thm ?? pretty amazing, ?nd ?n most ???? w?ll be ??rv?ng h?ghl? t?rg?t ?d? to ??ur web ??t? w?th?n minutes. If th? ads are w?? ?ff t?rg?t ?r ?n???r??r??t? – ??u n??d t? r?-th?nk your w?b site ??tu?.

Research keyword from google AdWord

So ?n?? a k??w?rd is purchased and ?n ?d ?? wr?tt?n – ?t’? m?t?h?d up w?th a h?ghl? targeted w?b ??g? where ?t ?h?uld ??rf?rm well. It d???n’t m?tt?r h?w “bu??” ?r popular th?t w?b ??t? ??, well performing and ????ng ?d? ?r? ?l???d ?n ???r??r??t? pages getting fr?m a d?z?n t? th?u??nd? of v???t?r? ??r d??. If ??u ?r? u??ng h?gh ????ng k??w?rd? ?n ??ur web site ??nt?nt, you w?ll ?ttr??t high ????ng ads. D?d you und?r?t?nd th?t ?t?t?m?nt? G? b??k and read it tw? m?r? t?m?? and th?nk about ?t a minute.

Th?t’? r?ght – th? k?? to m?k?ng money ?n AdS?n?? ?? ?ttr??t?ng w?ll ????ng ?d?. If I have a w?b site th?t g?t? ?nl? 30 v???t?r? ??r day, and 3 ??r day ?l??k ?n AdS?n?? ad ????ng 35-50 cents, I ??n easily make $1 ??r d?? fr?m this v?r? l?w-tr?ff?? w?b ??t?. Of ??ur?? everyone w?nt? t? g?t m?r? th?n 30 v???t?r ??r day, but ?ll ??t?? h?v? t? start somewhere. I’m ?llu?tr?t?ng h?w easy ?t is t? m?k? m?n?? fr?m day #1. I do th?? in nearly all the ??t?? I ??tu?. M?n? ?f you that h?v? used AdS?n?? f?r a long t?m? w?n’t b?l??v? ?t, b???u?? ?n my ?x?m?l? my AdSense ?l??k? ??? extremely high ?nd the ?l??k-thr?ugh-r?t? (CTR) is 10%. M??t sites are lu?k? t? g?t a 2-3% CTR on AdS?n?? ?d?, ?nd the ?l??k? u?u?ll? ??? a nickel ?r l??? on ?v?r?g?.

I ???d ??rl??r that ?f you r????v?d ?ff t?rg?t ?d? ??ur bl?g or web ??t? l???ut w?? ?????bl? not “AdS?n?? ??t?m?z?d”. If ??u w?nt to ?ttr??t high ????ng ?d? and make th? m??t AdS?n?? r?v?nu? ?????bl? from your ?x??t?ng tr?ff?? – I’ll g?v? you some v?r? ??m?l? rules t? follow when wr?t?ng ?rt??l??, ??g??, ?nd posts. If ??u f?ll?w th??? very b???? rul?? ??u w?ll n?t ?nl? get m?r? r?v?nu? ??r ?l??k w?th AdSense, but (?n th? long run) ??u will also g?t m?r? visitors, ?nd b?tt?r ???r?h ?ng?n? l??t?ng?.

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N?w b??k t? th? AdS?n?? ?d? th?m??lv??. First – if you are brand n?w t? AdSense, be ?ur? t? visit the n?wl? created AdS?n?? ?ff????l n?wb?? h?l? at G??gl? ?nd g?t ?ll the fr?? ?nf?rm?t??n that ??u can. S???nd ??u w?nt to g?t th? code for th? AdSense ?d? n??????r? f?r ?l???m?nt ?n your w?b ??t?. I w?nt ??u to v??w th? G??gl? h??t m?? (you can find it ?n the n?wb?? help link). This ???tur? ?llu?tr?t?? wh?r? a v???t?r’? ???? go first, and wh?r? you would get the m??t ?l??k?. D? ??u see h?w th? r?dd??t ???t ?n the ??g? ?? d?r??tl? ?b?v? th? ??nt?nt? I want you t? und?r?t?nd th?t ?f you ??uld ?nl? ?l??? one AdS?n?? ?d ??r page – ?t should b? d?r??tl? above ??u ??nt?nt. In ?dd?t??n, th? h?gh??t paying ?nd b??t performing AdS?n?? ?d ?? 336×280 l?rg? r??t?ngl?.

Adsense Position

So ??u’r? ready t? ?l??? th?t ?d? Not so ?u??k – ??u n??d t? “blend” ?t ?nt? the look and feel ?f ??ur ??g?. Wh?n ??u ?r??t? it ?n AdS?n?? ??tu? m?k? th? b??kgr?und ??l?r th? same ?? where ?t will b? ?l???d ?n your page. M?k? th? font ??l?r ?nd ??z? th? ??m?, m?k? th? link colors th? same t??. I ??r??n?ll? w?uld n?v?r use v?d?? ?d? for ?n? r????n – ?nl? t?xt. M? r????n?ng ?n this ?? th?t ?n a 336×280 t?xt ?d ??u n?rm?ll? g?t 4 t?xt ads, ?nd that’s 4 ?h?n??? t? m?k? money. If a v?d?? t?k?? up th? ?nt?r? 336×280 bl??k – ?t’? only 1 chance t? make money, ?nd ?t’? ?m?g?? and video that can b? ?ntru??v? to many v???t?r?. IMHO – ??u would need some type ?f pop-culture (mu???, movie, ??l?br?t?, j?k?, media b???d) w?b ??t? t? b? successful w?th ?m?g? or video ads. Pl??? one 336×280 AdS?n?? ad d?r??tl? b?f?r? your ??nt?nt ?nd ?n? d?r??tl? after. If ??u use G??gl? ?n?l?t??? t? tr??k your web ??t? – ??u many ?lr??d? be aware ?f your “bounce r?t?”. Wh?n people ??m? to your ??t?, ?nd ?u??kl? leave b???u?? they d?dn’t f?nd wh?t they w?nt?d th?? “b?un??”. To m? a b?un?? r?t? of 20-30% ?? normal. Ov?r 50% is incredibly high.

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If ??u’v? placed the 336×280 bl??k? b?f?r? and after th? content ??ur ?r? ?l???ng highly t?rg?t?d ?d? t? ???k u? ??ur bounce rate. In other w?rd? – ?f 20-30% ?f m? ?u?t?m?r? ?r? going t? leave m? ??t? quickly anyway to f?nd wh?t th?? w?nt – I’d ?r?f?r th?t they click ?n ?n? of m? AdS?n?? ?d? to find it. I help th?m find what th?? need, and I get a “referral f??” f?r the ?l??k. Al?? v???t?r? th?t ?t?? awhile ?n my ??t? many ?l??k ?n ?d because th??’r? ?n the same niche. It’? like b??ng in th? l?br?r? ?nd finding th? b??k ??u need, but ????ng others ?n th? ??m? shelf ??u m?ght also l?k?.

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B???nd the two m?nd?t?r? AdS?n?? bl??k? I u?? before ?nd ?ft?r the content – I ?ft?n ?l?? add a 4 text l?nk un?t ?n a ??d?b?r ?r a 160×600 skyscraper. How ??u f??l about this is u? to ??u ?nd ??ur layout. If ??u h?v? other ?d? ?r ??d?b?r ??nt?nt th?t could b? ??rn?ng money – ?t m?ght be b?tt?r ?l???d th?r?. But if ?ll ??u have is th? latest posts ?nd some categories – these t???? of AdSense ?d? ??n h?l? you n?t “l??v? any m?n?? on th? table”. That m??n? – you might ?nl? m?k? a f?w ?xtr? ??nn??? ?r n??k?l? ??r d?? – but ?f th?t m?n?? was just l???ng ?n the t?bl? would ??u ju?t leave ?t there? Pr?b?bl? n?t. It adds up over t?m?. Ag??n – ???????ll? ?f ??u ?r? monetizing multiple w?b ??t??.

I learned th?? t?rm (m?n?? ?n the t?bl?) fr?m J??l Comm, whose AdS?n?? eBook I r??d a few years back ju?t ?ft?r ??tt?ng u? my AdS?n?? ????unt f?r th? first t?m?. For the f?r?t 6-7 months I u??d AdS?n?? I m?d? n? m?n?? ?t ?ll. After I r??d Joel’s b??k I quadrupled my CTR and w?nt from m?k?ng pennies per day ?v?rn?ght to $3-$5. On? month ?ft?r reading th?t ?B??k I received my first ever G??gl? AdSense ?h??k, ?nd I’ve received ?n? every m?nth ??n??.

S? – if ??ur w?b ??t? ?r blog ??n???t?ntl? using m? t??hn??u?? above you ?h?uld have no problem earning m?r? money fr?m AdS?n??. A l?t of t?m?? ??u r??d a gr??t ?rt??l? l?k? th?? and ??u wonder h?w ?u?????ful ?t w?? f?r th? ?uth?r. W?ll, it w?rk?d f?r me – l??t ???r I m?d? more th?n $10,000 fr?m AdS?n?? ?n just a few web sites…

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